Monday, May 14, 2012

A Single Mom on Mother's Day

Mother's Day as a single mom looks a little different. There is no partner to take the kids out shopping for gifts or remind the kids to make something for mommy. There is a chance that on the weekend of Mother's Day you won't even have your child, you will have to ask if she can come home early to spend the afternoon with you.

Mother's Day will be church in the morning alone surrounded by other mothers holding tightly to their children beaming with pride. You may feel slightly sorry for yourself but as you see other mother's you realize how incredibly lucky you are to be in their company and that there are many women who will never be called "mom."

You count down the seconds until your daughter gets home as you do every weekend she is gone. You can't wait to hear about her weekend and snuggle on the couch soaking in every ounce of her smiles and love. You will even be thrilled to hear her father's girlfriend taught her to tie her shoes because even though you have taught her over and over it doesn't seem to stick. You say a silent prayer that this time it will ;-)

She will give you something she made you in class at school and although it isn't very cute, you know you will save it for years to come. She will read you the card she made you and it will make you cry. You tell her how proud you are to be her mom and are so thankful God picked you.

You will head off to the pool to swim with friends and hang with another mama friend, thankful that the kids can entertain each other. You will have pizza for dinner and basically treat it like any other day.

Sure, it doesn't have all the fanfare of a typical Mother's Day but what it has is me and my daughter....together....laughing and having fun. Because that's what it really is all about right???

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stress Is a Crazy Thing

I have learned over the past week how crazy stress can make you. I broke out in hives on my legs last week, mainly behind my knees. It has progressively gotten work. I am itching like a crazy person and nothing is really helping.

I can tell you that the more stress I deal with the worse they get.  For example, the horrible, mean text that I got from the ex that was intended to go to his girlfriend about me? Yeah, within hours my entire legs were covered with them. Another good one.....worry about going to the Dr. since my insurance hasn't kicked in yet made my back break out in them.  Fun times I tell you!

It has been fun to listen to all the advice people have given me.....
  • Take an oatmeal bath! Did that....made the hives 20 times worse!
  • Take Benadryl twice a day! Currently doing that which is helping but makes me walk around like a zombie.
  • Put wet towels in the freezer and then put on the itch! This works when I am home but for the 10+ hours I am out of the house during the day it doesn't work so well.
  • Try this cream, try that cream! Dear lord I want to try them all but it really isn't in the budget to but a million different things.
  • It's because you gave up coffee! Sadly I proved that theory wrong today when I drank fully loaded coffee to offset the Benadryl. Didn't help at all!
  • It's because you stopped drinking wine! While I haven't been drinking at all this week, I did have wine on Saturday night and it did nothing for my itching.  
As you can see, I got a lot of people offering advice. While I LOVE hearing it....nothing seems to be working. The biggest thinking is that I need to stress less which just isn't going to change anytime soon.  I am trying hard to breathe more and look at the big picture to try and bring down the stress but I have a feeling it is going to take some time. By then I will have scratched my legs to shreds!

Stress is a crazy thing!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cleansing Is No Joke

I am just finishing Day 2 of this cleanse. It's no joke y'all. Yesterday was fine. I cut out coffee but did take an Excederine to help the headache. The rest of the day went well and I didn't find myself hungry hardly at all.

Breakfast was much like making out with a lawnmower. A green smoothie with kale, dandelion greens, romaine, apple, ginger, cucumber. It was rough. I had to blend and re-blend. I added more water. I did anything I thought would help. It was still really bad but I sucked it down and only gagged a few times.

Lunch was a gigantic salad which was great and dinner was some spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes and basil. It was delish! During the day I snacked on celery and almond butter and handfuls of cashews. At the end of the day I felt accomplished and tired. I slept like a rock!

Today wasn't as easy. Day 2 of no coffee so the headache was fierce. The food was just ok. The smoothie was made better by some pineapple. Everything else was pretty much the same because I was trying to use up what I already had made.

I already miss the comfort of food. I was tired all day today and have been told I will be tomorrow. I miss the morning cup of coffee as that is a comfort to me (or so I have learned). I know that the outcome will be great so I am sticking it out but boy do I want to cave!

I know I can do this! The best part is that I can already wear my belt one notch tighter! That is amazing.

More tomorrow...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Big Cleanse

Tomorrow I am embarking on a cleanse. It all started when Cristie and Amy banded together to get Amy healthier. I wanted in on the fun so Cristie and I talked about it, but then life happened and we never really connected. I started getting healthy on my own and things were going great. They still are but I have hit a little bit of a plateau now that I am back working.

Last week Cristie told met that she was going to do a 2 week cleanse with some people, including Amy and did I want to join in? I jumped at the chance. Here I am on the day before the cleanse starts and I am FREAKING OUT!

First, I am cutting out caffeine. I like to think that I am not addicted to my morning cup of coffee (or 2) but I am sure that I am. This one is going to be tough. I am not looking forward to it. Coffee has become a comfort for me in the morning so taking that away will be hard. I am going to replace coffee with some yum tea and hope that I can get comfort from that.

Second, eating healthy is no joke on the pocketbook y'all. I went grocery shopping yesterday with a list that had about 40 things on it. 28 of those things were green in color. Crazy! I spent well over $125 on things that LG probably won't touch but I am trying to see it as an investment in my health. My fridge has never been so full of yummy veggies and fruit. Did I mention that I had to buy kale and dandelion greens??? WTH is happening to me?

I am actually really excited about this process. Food is comfort for me which isn't a good thing. I don't rely on it as much as I used to but I have certainly had issues with it in the past. I am a little nervous to eat pretty much all greens this week, but I know I can do it!

Come on along on this ride with me! And if you are a close friend or someone I work with....treat me gently for a few days if I rip your head off. I guarantee it's because I'm hungry or going through caffeine withdrawls.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Imparting Zumba Knowledge

I have been working out a lot these past few months right? I am a class girl. This means that I would much rather take a class than go run on a treadmill, etc. I am especially partial to dance classes since I spent most of my life dancing. It's no wonder that I love Zumba.

I take Zumba several times a week and there are many things that I have learned in class. Let me impart my knowledge on you.....

***Just because you wear Zumba clothes, doesn't mean you can dance!!  I am pretty sure that women think if they buy the clothes and look the part, that they can dance.  It ain't happenin ladies so just stop.

***There are many kinds of people at Zumba....those that can dance, those that can't dance and those who totally think they can dance but totally can't. I, of course, can dance. haha!

***I am in love with the men who come to Zumba and shake their ass like there ain't no tomorrow even though they aren't fooling anyone.

***Even more so, I love the people who come to Zumba and don't follow the dances AT ALL. They just pretty much do whatever they want but totally sweat their asses off.
    OK, really I just love the workout that I get from Zumba.  I also really like the people I have met. I think that anyone who gets out there and does it is amazing and deserves kudos. I also know that all those girls who work out with me totally agree and are just too afraid to say it themselves!!!

    Sunday, March 25, 2012


    Divorce humbles you. It is through this type of crisis that you find who your true friends are. The ones that turn their backs on you are always the ones that surprise you most. I could write several posts on this but I have let it go and moved past that.

    Being a single parent humbles you. The first time your child wakes up at 2 a.m. with a raging fever and you realize you are out of Motrin is horrific. Trying to decide if you should leave your child at home and run to the store or drag them out at that time sucks.

    Losing your job humbles you. Reaching the end of the month and trying to figure how to make the rest of your money last another week is scary. Not being able to take your kid to the book fair because a bill has to be paid is a shitty feeling.

    Asking for help humbles you. Asking for financial help is tough but asking for a hug when you feel so incredibly lonely and not sure you can keep moving forward is even more tough. Allowing a friend to wipe your tears for the 4th day in a row while confirming how strong you are is amazing.

    To say that I have become humbled in the past few months is an understatement. I have learned so much about what is truly important in life. My girlfriends that hold me up. My daughter who helps me dance in the rain of this storm. My step parents.

    I am about to embark on a new chapter on the crazy roller coaster ride I have been on. I am humbled. I am excited. More so, I am stronger than I have ever been and for that I am thankful!

    Saturday, March 24, 2012

    Cute Thank You Idea

    LG recently turned did she get so old?!? Her dad and I have sorta set a precedent of always having a birthday party which I have always loved. While we were married we always made a big deal out of each others birthdays so why would LG be an exception? This year, money was really tight and so I tried really hard to plan a party that wasn't going to break the bank.

    Auntie Robyn suggested a "Teddy Bear Tea Party." LG loved the idea and so did I!

    I will admit that a lot of my ideas came from Pinterest. If you aren't on there, you should be. Let me rephrase that....if you want one more thing to be obsessed about you should be there. If you want to see all the photos from the party, you can find them here.

    The best part of the party, in my opinion, was the thank you cards LG and created. I knew that all the girls were going to be dressed up in fancy clothes and I know that they love to have pictures so I decided to take a photo of LG with each of her friends to send in a thank you card. You can do this for really cheap by just printed out a photo to put inside each card, we did it a little differently though. I had a lot of credits at Tiny Prints towards greeting card so we turned the photos into cards.

    Here is an example of our finished product:

    Once they were printed, I had them sent to us first. LG signed her name and did some drawings, etc. I really loved this idea because no only did the girls that got the cards LOVE them but now LG has a book of photos of all her friends which she loves to look at.
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